IL-2 Sturmovik section:

SFS Extractor v2.0 BETA 11

NTRK Wizard v0.2

Wrapper Patch (updated, password qwerty) - Forum thread.

Wrapper Patch for Server (updated, password qwerty).

RTS.DLL Import Patch (password qwerty) - Note: this patch is for versions of the game prior to 4.05 (inclusive).

Class Resolver v0.2

Class Dumper (password qwerty).

Class Hasher v0.1

Source code - released as is, please don't ask for help.

Mercedes-Benz World Racing & World Racing 2 section:

Car Bounce Patch - Forum thread.

Fullscreen Fix - Forum thread.

Live for Speed section:

Live for Speed IP Patch (updated) - Allows to play local multiplayer games over the internet.

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